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Accelerate your digital growth

Save Costs.

Grow Margins.

Amaze Customers.

Creating online sales & service experiences that resonate with your customers.

Your creativity ignited.

Great things happen when minds come together.

Being the catalyst to unlock this shared creativity is what I’m about; it’s why I do, what I do!

I enable businesses to sell complex products online and to deliver seamless digital service experiences. By focusing on your customers' needs and working backwards, we together build the ideal customer journey. Building that special connection with your customers by automating what needs to be automated and making personal, what needs to be personal.

Ask yourself this...

With every project our process begins with asking yourself these 5 questions:


Does your offering align with your customer’s 
needs, wants and desires?


Do you have the right mix of emotional and rational messaging which drive growth?


How can digital enable you to create a smooth and seamless journey from initial interest to long-term loyalty?


How can you use technology to automate repetitive processes, cutting waste and driving margins?


How can you combine digital tech with your firm’s unique skills and knowledge to open up new markets with smart products and services - setting you above the competition?

Case studies

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Inspired Cycle Engineering

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Creating an innovation process for Bott

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Creating a fast growing online business

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Why work with me?

The Value Engine

Structured creativity

I'm the creative engineer; bringing a structured process and a depth of thinking whilst unlocking our shared creative power to make magic happen.

The Value Engine

I see the big picture

I see the bigger picture and find the right toolkit for you, with a proven track record of delivering strong ROI.

The Value Engine

Customer led

I put the customer at the heart of the conversation, using innovative tools and processes to meet the demand for frictionless experiences.

My Process

By working with The Value Engine, I’ll prove that you don’t have to be a digital business to make digital work for you. In fact, I thrive on it – and my process will reveal exactly how you can utilise digital strategies in ways you never thought possible.

From helping brands double their turnover through digital strategy to working with the pros for seamless online buying experiences, I utilise my extensive industry experience to uncover exactly what gets 
your customer ticking.

But, don’t just take my word for it, check out my case studies.

Take the digital disruption test

The Value Engine Working with Ben is a thought provoking and intellectually challenging experience. He looks for innovation and agility in thinking through problems where a solution will bring commercial gain. He is very focused on performance and measuring the right things. The Value Engine

What people are saying

The Value Engine - Good Growth Review

Good Growth

Professor Christopher Bones - Chairman & Co Founder

The Value Engine Ben's boundless enthusiasm and energy are both infectious and inspiring. He brings wealth of experience and expertise combined with a clear vision of the end game. Ben's mindset would benefit any company wishing to dramatically raise their profile and make a difference to their bottom line​. The Value Engine

What people are saying

The Value Engine - Buzz Review


Lindsey Axten - Managing Director

The Value Engine As a ‘Traditional UK Manufacturing Company’ I knew moving into the evolving digital sales and marketing space required new skillsets. By engaging Ben, Bott was able to transition quickly and effectively. He brought a dynamic and visionary approach based on clear market insights and tested value propositions. His knowledge and use of online tools and assets has delivered for Bott on so many levels​. The Value Engine

What people are saying

The Value Engine - Bott Review


Clive Woodward - Group Managing Director

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