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14 November 2020

5 Scientific tips for driving growth in your engineering or technology firm

5 Scientific tips for driving growth in your engineering or technology firm - The Value Engine

5 Scientific tips for driving growth in your engineering or technology firm in a post covid world

So, you’re running a successful engineering or technology business. You’ve got a great track record and you look after your customers. And your approach has worked in the past. But in a changing world, you’re concerned about how to achieve that next level of growth.

We’ve all seen the chaos in the high street which has come from disruptive online businesses. Indeed, whilst B2B selling may be less glamorous than its B2C counterpart the same forces are at work.

Your customers are also getting younger, they’re digital natives and Amazon and Google have shaped their expectations. 

So, whether you’re selling high-value electronic solutions, machining services, or bicycles your customers are becoming increasingly online savvy.

How do you respond to this challenge? So often, when times are good you’re flat out on delivering for customers and having a coherent digital strategy is a job for tomorrow, leading to slow or no progress. However, ignoring the needs of your prospects combined with the COVID-19 challenge could be fatal for your business.

What’s Happening with today’s buyer?

The State of Sales Enablement report by Sales Enablement Pro asked how buyers have changed over the last 12 – 18 months. I’ve listed three of the top insights below:

  • 53% of buyers require more business justification
  • 50% of buyers conduct more research prior to engaging sales
  • 46% of buyers have increased expectations of added value insight

Based on these points I’ve created 5 Tips to drive your growth

My 5 Tips to drive your growth

So, if that’s the challenge, here are my 5 tips for leaders to engage those new buyers

Know your customers inside out and get it down on paper

Getting your message right relies on you really understanding your customers. What keeps them awake at night? What magic pill could solve all their challenges? It’s not enough to have this in your head. Take the time to write it down, conducting research if necessary. This is the foundation for your success

Talk to their problems and challenges

We all want our problems solved and smart messaging connects with our challenges. This then leads us to a solution, solving our problems and showing us the benefits. It’s all too easy to only talk about the features and benefits of your solution as opposed to the pressing problems which you’re solving.

Share your expertise

On your website and in the social space you need to add value to your prospects. Share expert advice on how to solve their problems and be the trusted source of guidance which they can rely on

Start the buying journey online

Think about tools that can enable your customers to start specifying or exploring their solutions online. CGI video, online product demos, and design and build tools can help here. In fact, I used an online design and build tool to create a seven-figure turnover business.

Be clear on the purchase justification

Think about the information which your buyers need to justify their investment in your solution. Good examples include case studies and online ROI calculators which clearly demonstrate the value of your solution.

And finally, don’t forget the people. Whilst lockdown has highlighted the need for a coherent online strategy, it also has shown that we’re social creatures who need a personal connection. Creating a great online presence will support you in getting prospects in the door but it’s your experience, care and passion which will turn them into loyal customers.

If the points above have resonated I’d love to learn more about you and your business. Just click on the ‘Let’s talk’ button, I’ll put the kettle on!


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