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How Best Accountancy Revved Up Their Growth Game

Client: Best Accountancy

Services: Growth Kickstarter, Growth Supercharger

The Client

Best Accountancy, specialists in accountancy and financial strategy across the South West. Founded in 2003 by John and Angela Best, they're renowned for their commitment to long-term client relationships and a personalised approach.

The Challenge

John and his crew were doing alright: clients loved them, and they had a great reputation. But growing the business? That was a tough nut to crack. John was swamped, juggling all the big decisions, while his team was up to their eyeballs in day-to-day stuff. They needed to figure out how to push forward without everything landing back on John.

The Value Engine - Best Accountancy


John was the Go-to Guy for Everything

Sure, the business was buzzing, and the team was pumped, but John was drowning in decisions. He needed to shift gears from putting out fires to fueling growth, but how?

Great Ideas, No Roadmap:

Ideas? They had loads. But what they didn't have was a game plan to bring those ideas to life. It was time to get their act together and focus on what really mattered.

The Solution

John and his team realised they needed to shake things up, so they brought in some outside help to get everyone on the same page about where they were headed, sort out who was taking the lead on different bits, and put regular check-ins in place to make sure they were actually making progress.

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1 The Value Engine - The Strategy on One Page

The Strategy on One Page

John and The Value Engine hit the ground running by crafting a focused one-page strategy. It began with gaining a deep understanding of their clients' core needs and how to outmaneuver the competition. They distilled their approach down to four key goals that would channel their efforts and drive results.

2 The Value Engine - Build the Leadership Team

Build the Leadership Team

With their winning strategy in place, they assembled a top-notch leadership team. Clear roles were defined, ensuring everyone understood their responsibilities, while aligning seamlessly with the company's core values. It was about having the right individuals at the helm, laser-focused on achieving the desired outcomes.

3 The Value Engine - Keeping Things on Track with Routines and Accountability

Keeping Things on Track with Routines and Accountability

With a focused strategy and enthusiastic team on board, they instituted regular planning sessions and monthly check-ins, delegated long-term objectives to each team member, and implemented a user-friendly dashboard overseen by the leadership team to keep tabs on hitting key targets and staying on the right track.

The Results

“Before bringing in Ben and The Value Engine, everything at Best Accountancy revolved around me as the founder. I was spread thin, becoming a bottleneck that constrained our growth possibilities.

Ben took the time to truly understand our unique situation, goals and team dynamics. He recognised that simply delegating tasks wasn’t enough – we needed to overhaul our entire operating model with defined roles, accountability, and an empowered leadership team.

Ben’s tailored approach went beyond conventional strategies. His expertise in implementing bespoke processes, mindsets and performance tracking was invaluable in aligning us all behind a unified direction. We’ve taken big strides like establishing annual planning cycles and a crystallised one-page strategy – but in a way that respected where we came from and the different strengths of our tight-knit team.

What set The Value Engine apart was their ability to progress at our pace. Ben adapted his methods to our dynamics, helping us achieve meaningful, sustainable progress on our terms. It was a true partnership.

The impact has been remarkable. With a robust leadership team in place using Ben’s frameworks, we’ve become significantly more efficient while operating with clarity and purpose. Our profits have improved over by over 400%.

Most importantly, for the first time in ages, I was able to take a two-week holiday, confident my team could capably run operations without me. That freedom is priceless.

For any business owner who feels indispensable yet overwhelmed, I couldn’t recommend Ben and The Value Engine more highly. Their ability to craft actionable visions while genuinely understanding your company’s unique dynamics is truly transformative.”

Turnover Growth
Profit Growth
Weeks Away from the business for John (For the first time)

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