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Choosing Wisely, Executing Brilliantly: Bott’s Innovation Transformation

Client: Bott Limited

Services: Strategic Consultancy

The Client

Sometimes, it isn’t a specific product that we are looking to enhance for a business. In this case, Bott Limited were looking for a way to build an innovation process that would deliver time and time again – ensuring they would continue to remain a world leader in workplace storage and in-vehicle equipment solutions for generations to come.

The Challenge

Perhaps unsurprisingly, not all businesses are good at focusing on their processes – instead, putting their sole attention on their end product and out-bound marketing. But, what about future development? For Bott, this project was about designing a business process that would focus on solving customer problems through innovation that wouldn’t waste development costs.

The Value Engine - Bott Limited


To achieve this target, we ran an initial analysis looking at what was missing in the current process and what needed to be done to move forward with this project idea. From this, we realised that for maximise success, we needed:

Develop a clear innovation strategy

To retain a culture of speed and agility​

Ensure best projects got investment & weaker projects got culled​

Ensure projects were well-managed and in-line with best practice​

The Solution

Taking this idea forward, we developed a partnership with the University of Exeter to achieve the following:

1 The Value Engine - Develop a clear strategy

Develop a clear strategy

We developed a clear and measurable innovation strategy detailing the desired balance of incremental (do better) and revolutionary (do different) innovation was, as well as building clear steps required to achieve the goal.

2 The Value Engine - Implement a simple

Implement a simple "stage gate" process

We developed a series of project gates at which ideas and progression were reviewed by a multi-disciplinary team against a range of criteria. If a project was successful in passing a gate, additional investment was then unlocked.

3 The Value Engine - Build the team

Build the team

We wanted to ensure we built enough of a process to achieve the aims, but not add needless bureaucracy. To do this, we developed a process for "gut feel" mining which quickly pulled together the view of multiple stakeholders enabling projects to be rapidly evaluated and compared with competing proposals.

The Results

This project was all about future-proofing Bott Limited, and, today, the innovation process we created has been rolled out through company on an international scale. It’s a process focused on emphasising early market research in advance of any design work, leading to a deeper understanding of customer needs. The result? Better design briefs and an increased focus on creating customer value, with an even better ROI.

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