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How Bott Built a Seven Figure Online Business

Client: bott Smartvan

Services: Consultancy, Product Innovation, Digital Transformation

The Client

Bott Limited, producers of premium, customisable van racking solutions, were already a big player when it came to fitting-out fleets of vans for commercial businesses – but they wanted to become the go-to for the independent trade sector, too. What they did next? Created a whole new strategy with the help of Ben, resulting in exponential growth and revenues of over £1m.

The Challenge

Already a very successful player in the commercial vehicle conversion business - and chosen by many of the UK’s leading fleets to fit out their vans - the company wanted to increase its presence amongst the trade sector, such as plumbers & electricians. However, the process to fit out one van was complicated for the customer and costly for the company.

The Value Engine - bott Smartvan


To ensure a strong foundation, we focused initially on understanding why trade customers weren’t choosing to buy Bott. Whilst the end product was well received, analysis showed that:

The sales process too long

The price was too high​

Customers desired a self-fit option

The Solution

To solve the customer challenge we designed a new business model redesigning the business model around the needs of the target customer. Here, we focused on eliminating all activities which did not create customer value, enabling us to reduce the cost.

Online digital business model

With the new business model now designed we carried a series of  actions to make our new launch the business:

1 The Value Engine - Create a new brand​

Create a new brand​

We built the Bott Smartvan brand and positioned it to serve this target market. Once created, it was brought to life with film, online and photography assets. The brand soon gained a strong social following and recognition amongst the trade community.

2 The Value Engine - Build digital tools​

Build digital tools​

We needed to enable customers to design their custom solution quickly and easily 24-7. So, to make this happen, we mapped out the concept and built an online design and configuration tool which enabled users to build and visualise their system online

3 The Value Engine - Deliver the product!​

Deliver the product!​

Great offerings mean nothing without great service. By working very closely with Bott’s service and logistics team, we built repeatable operational processes which gained us 5* customer reviews.

The Results

By creating a new market segment, we were able to out-perform the competition and give trades people a professional product at an affordable price. And, while it took focus and determination to realise the original vision, the final results speak for themselves. Check out the video further down to learn more about the product.

From zero to over £1m
Growth YoY since launch
Delighted customers

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