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Growth Supercharger

Ever Wondered How You Can Build a Business That Truly Gives You Freedom?

Freedom to do the work you love. Freedom to have time for the other things that make you smile. And freedom that comes from building a business you can stand up and be proud of. If that’s the vision of freedom you desire, then the Growth Supercharger programme is for you.

The Growth Supercharger:
Build a Business That Thrives With or Without You

Build a Self-Sustaining Business With a Strategic Partner

Most entrepreneurs want one thing: freedom. But what does that really mean for you? With the Growth Supercharger programme, we’ll be the strategic partner who gets to know your business inside and out as we work alongside you to define and achieve the freedom you desire.

At The Value Engine, our three core solutions provide you with a partner for the entire journey:

  1. The Growth Kickstarter to give you clarity and a solid plan
  2. The Time Builder to reclaim your time
  3. The Growth Supercharger to build a company that thrives with or without you

The Growth Supercharger is our most comprehensive programme – we work as your long-term strategic partner. But it has to be a mutually good fit with specific entry criteria:

  • You must have clear direction
  • You must have time to work on your business
  • You must have a long-term perspective and up for the journey
  • There must be trust and fit between us

If you’ve completed the Growth Kickstarter and TimeBuilder, you’ll likely meet these criteria. We’ll take the time to deeply understand your business and goals to confirm an aligned partnership.

Here's how we'll support you as your strategic partner:


Values Definition

We'll get crystal clear on your core values, making them an actionable tool to guide your journey.


Leadership Team Building

We'll ensure you have the right leadership team in place who share your values and vision, with clear roles and ownership.


Strategic Rhythm

Through annual planning, quarterly objectives, and monthly check-ins, we'll keep you focused while providing expert challenge and accountability as a knowledgeable partner.


Metrics Tracking

Implement vital metrics so you can visualise performance at a glance and quickly course-correct when needed with our guidance.


Scalable Growth Engines

We'll systematise operations and sales processes to enable profitable scale, knowing your business intimately.

The Outcomes:

  • Successful, aligned growth
  • Resilient foundations for long-term freedom
  • A self-sustaining business that allows you to live life on your terms


Our Continual Support

This isn't a straight path. We'll be an accountable partner providing routines, how-to guides, toolkits, and connecting you with our network of experts when needed.

A Listening Friend

We’ll also be your friend and ally who understands the business but doesn’t work in the business. We often take clients out for breakfast to chew the fat and hear their perspective – this so often unscrambles their mind so they can see the wood for the trees and go forward, which is hugely valued.

Ready to have a strategic partner who knows you and your business to build the freedom you want? Book a call so we can explore partnering for the long journey.

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