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29 September 2023

Find Your Ideal Business Coach & Maximize Growth Benefits

Find Your Ideal Business Coach & Maximize Growth Benefits - The Value Engine

So, you’re looking for a business coach. Kudos to you; those who value outside help tend to outperform those who don’t.

But it’s a big call; you’ve got to get this one right. You’re investing your time, energy and money, so this has to be delivered.

And once you’ve found the perfect coach, you’ll need to work together to make the magic happen.

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t; instead, read this blog and we’ll tell you how to find the right business coach or business consultant for your business.

So, Business Owner, here are a few tips to make sure you make the right choice for you.

Here are the points we’ll cover:

  • What’s the lowdown on what a business coach or business consultant really gets up to?
  • What should you keep your eyes peeled for when searching for a business coach or business consultant?
  • Cracking the code: Collaborating with your coach for maximum results.


What’s the lowdown on what a business coach or business consultant really gets up to?

Picture a business coach as your trusty co-pilot on the flight to success! They help you set turbo-charged goals, create a roadmap to conquer them and then keep you on course. Think of them as your accountability partner, cheering you on and making sure you don’t bail out mid-flight.

But that’s not all! These champs are like your personal skill-building gurus. They teach you the art of leadership, communication and even time wizardry. Got a problem? No worries, they’re your go-to problem-solving sidekick.

But it’s not just business; it’s personal growth, too. They boost your self-esteem and help you dance through life’s challenges. And when it comes to networking and relationships, they’re like the ultimate social matchmakers, introducing you to game-changing connections.

Financial jitters? They’ve got your back. Decision-making dilemmas? They’ll help you navigate the maze. Feeling down? They’re your pep squad.

But here’s the secret sauce: they’re also exceptional listeners. They don’t just talk; they tune in with superhero-like attention.

When you share your goals, challenges and ideas, they’re not just hearing the words; they’re diving into the deeper currents of your thoughts and emotions. It’s like conversing with Sherlock Holmes, where every detail matters.

But here’s the kicker: they don’t just nod and smile. They reflect back what they’ve heard, ensuring they’ve grasped your perspective. It’s like having a mirror for your thoughts.

This skill isn’t just about hearing; it’s about understanding. They decode your body language, tone and subtle cues. If you’re enthusiastic, they fuel that fire. If you’re uncertain, they help you find clarity.

So, when you think about a business coach, picture someone who’s not just guiding your journey but also wholeheartedly listening to your story. They’re your confidant, your sounding board and your biggest fan, all rolled into one.

two businessman discussing business in front of a computer

What should you keep your eyes peeled for when searching for a business coach or business consultant?

When considering hiring a business coach, it’s crucial to make an informed decision to ensure that you get the guidance and support you need to achieve your goals. Here are six important things to look for when taking on a business coach:

1. Know what you’re buying:

Be clear on the end game of any assignment. Ask any coach how things will be different once you’re working together, how they are going to enable you to achieve the results you want, and what commitment you’ll need to make to ensure success.

2. Experience and expertise:

Assess the coach’s experience and expertise in your industry or field. Look for someone who has a proven track record of helping businesses similar to yours. Be demanding – ask them when they took action that drove a transformation in financial performance. They should understand the challenges and opportunities specific to your niche.

3. Credentials and certification:

Check if the coach has relevant credentials and certifications. While these aren’t the sole indicators of a good coach, they can provide assurance of a certain level of training and professionalism. Common certifications for business coaching include ICF (International Coach Federation) or more commercial qualifications such as an MBA (Masters of Business Administration).

4. References and testimonials:

Request references from past or current clients and read testimonials or reviews. Speaking directly with previous clients can provide valuable insights into the coach’s effectiveness, communication style and ability to drive results.

5. Compatibility and communication:

Ensure that you have good chemistry with the business coach and that their communication style aligns with your preferences. Effective business coaching requires open and honest dialogue, so feeling comfortable sharing your challenges and goals is crucial. Conduct an initial consultation or meeting to gauge compatibility.

6. Approach and methodology:

Understand the business coach’s coaching approach and methodology. Different business coaches may have varying techniques and philosophies. Some may focus on specific areas like leadership development, while others take a holistic approach. Make sure their approach aligns with your needs and objectives.

people in a circle formation doing a fist bump and collaborating

Cracking the code: Collaborating with your coach for maximum results

Once you’ve found your perfect coach, you’ll need to work together so the magic can happen.

Remember, the success of a business coaching relationship is a collaborative dance. It takes two to tango, and here’s how:

The coach – your dance partner:

Lead and guide:

The coach takes the lead in the dance, offering expertise and a structured approach to achieving your goals. They provide direction and set the rhythm for your progress.

Listen actively:

Just like a skilled dance partner, the coach listens intently to your needs, concerns and aspirations. They tune in to your unique rhythm and style.

Offer support:

They’re there to catch you when you stumble. A good coach provides support, encouragement and motivation, ensuring you keep dancing even through challenging steps.

Teach the moves:

Like a dance instructor, they teach you the essential moves – from skill development to problem-solving techniques. They equip you with the tools to gracefully navigate the business dance floor.

Adjust and adapt:

A great coach is flexible, adjusting their coaching style to match your pace and preferences. They pivot when necessary, just as a dance partner might in response to changes in the music.

You – the dancer:

Active participation:

Just like in a tango, you must actively engage in the dance. Your commitment and willingness to learn and grow are crucial.


Clear communication with your coach is essential. Express your goals, concerns and any obstacles you encounter during the dance.


Improvement comes through practice. You must be willing to practise the moves and strategies your coach teaches you, honing your skills along the way.


Trust your coach’s guidance, just as you trust your dance partner to lead and support you. Their experience and expertise are valuable assets.


Provide feedback to your coach. Let them know what’s working and what isn’t. This helps fine-tune your dance together.

In the world of business coaching, it’s the collaboration between the coach and the client that creates a harmonious and successful dance towards achieving your business goals. So, remember, it takes two to tango – you and your coach working in sync to achieve your business aspirations with grace and precision. 💃🕺🌟


I wish you the best of luck in your quest for the perfect business coach! Choose wisely, and you’ll be on the path to success. 🚀

If you’d like to chat with me, simply click the link to book a free call. I’m eager to hear more about your business and how I can help you on your journey.

Or, if you just want to take a look at my business coaching and consulting services, hit the link here.



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