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6 April 2020

Looking after yourself in tough times

Looking after yourself in tough times - The Value Engine

“There is no better than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time.” Malcolm X

Well it could be argued that my timing is not perfect, starting a business which is all about growth,  during a world pandemic! And there are plenty of others with far greater challenges than mine.

I’ve pulled together a few thoughts on practices which have helped me in tough times both now and in the past. I’m a long way from an expert, these are just tips which I’ve picked up on the journey. I hope in some small way that they can be of use to others.

#1 – Nature

I’m always amazed at the restorative power of nature, whether it’s the uplifting feel of the cold morning air or the beauty of a clear mountain stream. For me, getting outside and connected with our natural world is a great tonic.

#2 – Screen Time

I’ve got one of those apps which tells you how long you spend on your phone – scary how a phone can eat your time and your peace. And as we all know, putting it away well before sleep makes said sleep a lot better!

#3 News Intake

In a world of 24 hour news it’s easy to be overwhelmed. I have found that watching what I need to know and listening to inspiring podcasts and getting outdoors, is a much more positive mix.

#4 – Mindfulness

I came across mindfulness a few years ago and much to my surprise it was great. To slow down, focus on the moment and be still is always a positive thing. I use the Headspace app and find it good – if you want 14 days free, let me know and I can share a referral link.

#5 Do a Physical Job

I think I mow the lawn for wellbeing as well as short grass – same goes for washing the car – try it – it’s good!

#6 Positive People

Spending time with positive people helps (virtually at the moment!). Of course we all need time and space alone but others can certainly uplift the soul. As a Start Up business I’ve also experienced some great encouragement & support and from the local business network – thank you to you all.

#7 Faith & Spirituality

A rather personal one here, for me, having a belief in something which is bigger and greater than me matters – especially at the tough times.

Thank you so much  for reading this far and I hope it’s been useful in some small way during the current challenging times! And of course – if you want to talk marketing & innovation – (or about getting out in the outdoors) do get in touch

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