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19 January 2024

Small Business Consultant Role: My Journey with The Value Engine

Small Business Consultant Role: My Journey with The Value Engine - The Value Engine

In the bustling world of small business, the path to growth and efficiency is intricate and challenging. As the founder of The Value Engine, I’ve dedicated myself to guiding business owners through this labyrinth, offering strategic solutions tailored to their unique needs.

My Essence as a Small Business Consultant

As a small business consultant, I play a crucial role in steering businesses toward growth and efficiency. My approach is rooted in a combination of systematic engineering principles and strategic foresight.


From Engineer to Business Growth Visionary

My journey from an engineer to a business growth expert has been a path of continuous learning and adaptation. I leverage my engineering background to approach business challenges with precision and create innovative, growth-focused solutions.


Empowering Time-Poor Business Owners

At The Value Engine, we specifically cater to business owners constrained by time. Our strategies are designed to enhance business performance while freeing up valuable time for owners to focus on growth and strategy.


My Approach to Business Success with The Value Engine


  • Providing Clarity in Business Direction

I help business owners gain clear strategic direction, ensuring they understand where they are heading and the steps required to get there.


  • Reclaiming Time for Strategic Work

I introduce tools and practices to help business owners reclaim at least seven hours per week, allowing them to focus on strategic planning and growth.


  • Building Teams and Processes for Scalable Growth

I emphasise the importance of building robust teams and processes, laying the groundwork for businesses to scale effectively and efficiently.

Here are some of my case studies:

Inspired Cycle Engineering’s Transformation

Working closely with Inspired Cycle Engineering, I focused on strategic growth areas and fostering team collaboration. This approach led to increased turnover, improved profit margins, and a surge in pre-launch orders.

Innovating Bott Limited for the Future

For Bott Limited, I developed a process centred around early market research, which has now been implemented globally. This strategy improved design briefs and enhanced customer value, resulting in a significant return on investment.

Carving Out a New Market Segment

I guided a client in creating a new market segment, offering tradespeople high-quality, affordable products. This strategic move outperformed the competition and stemmed from our focused and determined approach.

The Growth Story of Buzz Interactive

I worked with Buzz Interactive to sharpen their focus on business goals, leading to smarter decision-making and a stronger presence in the market.

I equipped Buzz Interactive with a long-term growth plan, along with the necessary tools and skills, injecting renewed energy and confidence into the company.

Lindsey Axten, Managing Director of Buzz Interactive, on our collaboration:

“Working with The Value Engine has been transformative for our business. We’re now attracting the right clients, and our business is stronger and more resilient, all thanks to the strategies we developed together.”

My journey with The Value Engine is a testament to the power of strategic consulting in the small business sector. By providing clear strategies, time management solutions, and scalable growth frameworks, I ensure that businesses are not just surviving, but thriving.”

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Small Business Consultant Role: My Journey with The Value Engine

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