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Ever Get to the End of the Day and Wonder Where The Time Went?

Your days are so full of interruptions and busyness that you can’t think straight. Finding time to work on long-term strategic initiatives seems impossible when daily operations and firefighting constantly consume you.

You’re not alone; the challenge is endemic among business owners and founders. It was a significant block for our clients, so we created the Time-Builder programme.

The Time-Builder Programme: Reclaim 7+ Hours Per Week for Strategic Growth

As a business owner or founder, one of the biggest challenges holding you back is lack of time spent on long-term strategic initiatives. You started out wearing every hat – serving customers, handling admin tasks, and working in the business. As you grew, you added staff, tools, and systems. But you’re still consumed by daily operations, with little time carved out for strategic work propelling your business forward.

Clarity without action is meaningless. Even with a solid plan, months go by without executing on it because there’s no dedicated time in your diary. The Time-Builder programme solves this by freeing up 7 hours per week in your schedule to work on the strategic activities that will take your company to its next growth phase.

How the 6-Step Time-Builder Process Works

Unlock your company's future by giving the strategic work the time it deserves. Book a call to discuss how the Time-Builder programme can maximise your productivity.


Identify Your "Queen Bee" Role, we'll uncover the highest-value activities only you can do - the "magic" driving your company's success. For DPD, it's logistics. For Burberry, it's branding.


Audit Your Time Through data tracking, we'll analyse how you currently spend your week to identify time drains.


Find Quick Wins Based on the audit, we'll recommend AI tools and automation to immediately recapture 2-3 hours per week.


Systematise Repetitive Tasks Using our toolkits, we'll help you document and systematise frequent tasks you can delegate.


Hire an Affordable Virtual Assistant. We’ll show you how to hire and get the most from fantastic overseas assistants.


Offload & Optimise By delegating lower-value tasks, you'll free up 7+ hours per week to work on high-impact, strategic priorities.

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If you’re overwhelmed by operational tasks and can’t focus on strategic priorities, it’s time for a change.

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We’ll listen to your situation and provide tips to help you reclaim your time and regain focus immediately.

Don’t let another week pass without progress on your long-term vision.

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