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29 September 2023

Business Growth: Master the 4D Time Mix Strategy with a Coach

Business Growth: Master the 4D Time Mix Strategy with a Coach - The Value Engine

Hi Guys! I’ve got a question for you. What’s your mix? Your mix of doing, deciding, delegating, and designing? Stick around for this blog post, and I’ll tell you more about why finding the right mix, with the guidance of business coaching, is crucial for your business.

So, what exactly is this mix all about? Well, it’s all about the different types of work that go into running your business. As a business owner, you wear many hats, and these can be broadly categorised into four types of work: doing, deciding, delegating, and designing.

Overwhelmed business owner

Doing: This is the hands-on work—the action you take to make things happen. If you’re a chef, it’s the act of slicing the tomatoes, preparing the ingredients, and cooking the meal.

Deciding: Deciding is about guiding others in how to do the work. It’s akin to handing someone a recipe book and explaining how to create the dish. You’re still very much involved, but you’re not executing the task personally.

But here’s where things can get tricky:

The Pitfall of Doing:

  • Time Drain: Spending too much time “doing” can be a significant drain on your time and energy. As a business owner, your time is a valuable resource, and when you’re bogged down in day-to-day tasks, you have less time for strategic thinking and growth.
  • Limited Scalability: Doing everything yourself limits your business’s scalability. You can only handle so much, and growth becomes constrained by your personal capacity. It’s like trying to build a skyscraper with just one worker—it’s slow and inefficient.
  • Burnout: Over time, the constant grind of doing can lead to burnout. Running a business is a marathon, not a sprint. Burnout not only affects your well-being but also impacts the quality of your work and decision-making.

The Dilemma of Deciding:

  • Micro-Management: When you’re stuck in the deciding phase, you might find yourself micro-managing every aspect of your business. This not only hinders your team’s autonomy but also prevents you from focusing on bigger picture issues.
  • Slow Decision-Making: Constantly making decisions can slow down your business processes. Every decision, no matter how small, requires your input, causing bottlenecks and delays.
  • Lack of Innovation: When you’re too involved in deciding, there’s little room for your team to innovate or come up with creative solutions. They may become dependent on your guidance, stifling their growth and the growth of your business.

But there’s a way out of this cycle:

Stagnant graph

The Pain of Stagnation:

Ultimately, getting stuck in the doing and deciding phases can lead to stagnation. Your business may plateau, unable to achieve its full potential. You might also face increased competition as others who embrace delegating and designing, with the help of business coaching, surpass you.

Business coaching can hold up a mirror to help you see where you’re stuck and guide you towards a more balanced approach. It allows you to:

Delegating: Delegating takes a step back from deciding and involves entrusting others to carry out tasks, with the assistance of your business coach. You provide them with the necessary tools and knowledge, such as recipe books or toolkits, and let them take the reins.

Designing: Designing is a visionary aspect of business ownership, and your business coach can assist you here. It’s about planning and strategising for the future. When you design, you’re documenting processes, creating systems, and setting the direction for your business to evolve and grow.

In conclusion, the pain of getting stuck in the doing and deciding phases is real, and it can hinder your business’s growth and your personal well-being. Recognising the need to shift your focus towards delegating and designing, with the guidance of business coaching, is the first step towards breaking free from this cycle and unlocking your business’s full potential.

So, what’s your mix? If you’re spending all your time doing and deciding, it’s time to figure out a way to do more, to delegate, and to design, with the support of business coaching. Want to know how? 


Get in touch. Let’s have a chat and explore how business coaching can help you strike the right balance to propel your business to new heights.

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